Welcome to the 2017 Hometown Media Awards judging site!

What makes Hometown different from other competitions is that we place great emphasis on the impact of programs on their communities. Be a vital part of this awards program, and take pride knowing your support has greatly impacted the wonderful workers of this industry. No traveling is required to be a judge – your work is done on your own computer!

Deadline to register as a judge: March 25, 2017 -11:00PM Eastern

To start the registration process, you will need to set up your unique username and password for the 2017 competition (even if you participated as a judge in a previous year).  To set up your username and password, please click "Register."  

Once you have registered you will not be able to log in and view the entries assigned to you until judging opens on April 4th.

View the Foundation of the Alliance for Community Media's website for more information on Hometown Media Awards Judging.

Judging Round 1 closes on April 25th.

We would love to see you at the Hometown Media Awards Celebration on July 14th, but it is not mandatory. The Hometown Media Awards Celebration is held during our Annual ACM Conference.